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Could RCS on iPhone make Android devices more appealing?

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Apple recently announced plans to adopt Rich Communication Services (RCS) messaging in 2024. RCS will allow iPhone and Android users to communicate better with one another, offering features like typing indicators, read receipts and the ability to send text with high-quality images and videos.

And while many of us tech geeks are happy this is finally happening, are average consumers?

According to StatCounter, Apple has 60 percent of the mobile vendor market share in Canada, making it far ahead of Samsung, which holds 24 percent, and Google, which accounts for just under four percent.

In our country, with Apple having such a dominant lead, nothing will probably change. Of course, offering RCS will improve the communication experience between Android and iPhone users, but most of us are already using an iPhone. On iPhone, iMessage appears in blue, while SMS is green. However, RCS will continue to appear in green bubbles, which means your friends might still poke fun at you for being on Android, even if RCS means green bubbles will have the same features as blue ones.

If Apple changed RCS to blue or even perhaps another colour, maybe that iPhone love could change; however, with the deep hatred for the green bubble, it’s unlikely that will shift.

With all of that said, what do you think? Could RCS on iPhone make Android devices more appealing to some Canadians?

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