WhatsApp rolls out Voice Chats for group calling without ringing everyone

Instead of ringing, WhatsApp sends a silent push notification to inform the group members of a Voice Chat

WhatsApp has rolled out a new feature called Voice Chats, which lets users start group voice calls silently, without ringing everyone in the group.

Voice chats are available for groups of 33 to 128 members, and they are rolling out to all users who have updated to the latest versions of WhatsApp for iOS and Android.

WhatsApp has had group calls for quite a while now. The new feature, Voice Chats, does not require everyone to join at the same time. Instead, users can join and leave voice chats at their convenience, and see who is currently speaking from the chat header and the Calls tab. Somewhat similar to Twitter Spaces.

Voice chats also do not ring anyone’s phone when they are initiated, but send a silent push notification to inform the group members, making the feature less intrusive than regular group voice calls.

As suggested by WABetaInfo, Voice chats will end automatically if they remain empty for 60 minutes, however, users can start a new Voice Chat right after.  They’re also end-to-end encrypted.

Learn more about the feature here.

Image credit: WhatsApp channel 

Via: WaBetaInfo