Here’s how to get rid of your Netflix hacker

First step, change your password

Have you noticed strange shows or movies on your Netflix account messing up your algorithm? When you ask the people living in your household or those who have access to your Netflix account, they claim they’re not behind these changes. Uh oh… your account has likely been hacked.

Here are ways to get the hacker off your account.

Change your password

Changing your password on Netflix is quite easy; however, it can’t be done from the app and only the website. If you’re already signed into Netflix, head to Netflix.com/YourAccount. Here, you can see all your billing, information privacy settings, membership plan and more.

On the right side, one of the first options you see is ‘Change password,’ click that, enter your old password and a new one, and you’ll want to log out of all devices, which will kick everyone who has access to your account off. Everyone will need to re-enter the new password, and hopefully, your hacker will not be able to.

You can also change your e-mail address, preventing them from finding your account. Changing your e-mail is the option directly above the ‘Change password’ option. Clicking on that will bring you to a page requiring two-factor authentication, sending a verification code to your email or phone number.

Manage Devices

No matter what, you should change your password. However, if you don’t want to kick everyone off the account, there are other steps you can take. On the Netflix.com/YourAccount page, look for ‘Security & Privacy.’ Inside, you’ll see ‘Manage Access &  Devices,’ and click on that. Now, you can see which devices are logged into your Netflix account and the profiles they use. If any look unfamiliar to you, sign them out. And since you changed your password, they shouldn’t be able to log back in.

Viewing Netflix History

After these steps, you can check to see what that person was watching. On the Netflix.com/YourAccount page, head to the bottom and find the profile they were watching content on — you would have seen this if you signed out of specific devices. Click on that profile and scroll until you see ‘Viewing Activity.’

Here, you can see what they were watching. When my family’s Netflix account was hacked, it was interesting to see what the hacker was watching, just for the giggles.