microLED technology reportedly coming to Apple Watch in 2025

The display tech will likely make its way to the iPhone, iPad and Mac after the Apple Watch

Apple’s smartwatch line will reportedly still feature microLED screen technology in late 2025, according to a note from tech analyst Jeff Pu (via MacRumors). This means the technology could first appear in the Apple Watch Series 11 and Apple Watch Ultra 4.

Pu published similar speculation back in January, shortly after the first Apple Watch Ultra’s release, suggesting its successor’s screen will measure in at 2.1-inches instead of 1.93-inches (of course, we now know that didn’t happen with the Apple Watch Ultra 2). Some reports indicate the Apple Watch’s switch to microLED tech might not happen until 2026.

microLED technology features improved brightness levels, more vibrant colours and better viewing angles. The screen technology also looks more like it’s attached directly to the display’s glass than LCD and OLED. Both the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Ultra are expected to feature microLED technology. After testing it in the Apple Watch, Apple will likely bring microLED displays to the iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Rumours regarding Apple making a broader product-wide switch to microLED have been swirling since 2021.

Source: MacRumors