Google to shutter Podcast app in favour of YouTube Music

Google Podcast users will need to make the switch later next year

Google Podcasts header

Like several other Google platforms and services, the Mountain View-based tech giant is scrapping its podcast app. The company doesn’t specify when it will do this, except for stating that it will happen later in 2024.

Google is moving its podcasts to the YouTube Music app, and you won’t need a paid membership.

YouTube Music in the U.S. already includes podcasts, and users can download podcasts, play them in the background, and have the ability to switch between audio and video podcasts — though some of these features might be limited to paid users only.

The tech giant plans on making podcasts available on YouTube Music globally by the end of this year.

Further, the company says that it’ll launch a migration tool and the ability to add podcast RSS feeds to your YouTube Music library, including shows not currently hosted by YouTube. If you’re not a fan of YouTube Music, the tools will also have options to upload to an app that supports the import. Google will also release creation and analytic tools as well as RSS uploads for podcasters as well.

YouTube Music is free and available on Android and iOS.

Source: YouTube