X (Twitter) CEO shares promotional ad with tweets critical of Elon Musk

The promotional video has since been deleted and replaced

It’s no surprise that X, formerly Twitter, receives a lot of criticism from users, especially since Elon Musk took over the company and decided to transform it into the ‘everything app.’ What’s surprising, however, is that the company inadvertently showcased some of that criticism in its own promotional video.

The new promotional video posted by X CEO Linda Yaccarino (now deleted) showed all the features and highlights of X, like video calls, payments, messaging and subscriptions. However, eagle-eyed viewers noticed that some of the user-posted tweets that appeared in the fast-moving promotional video were not very flattering to the company or its owner Musk.

X user @molly0xFFF shared a few examples spotted in the video.

Yaccarino deleted her original tweet shortly after the exposure. She then uploaded a revised version of the video that removed some of the more controversial tweets, and said that the new video is “in higher res.”

However, the new upload was soon blasted by X’s own Community Notes feature, which allows users to annotate and fact-check tweets. The Community Note accused her of trying to hide the negative feedback.

It is unclear how the tweets shown in the promotional video were selected, but someone is likely getting fired over it.

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