Google once again roasts Apple for still not supporting RCS messaging

Your move, Apple

Google is bringing back its ‘Get The Message‘ campaign to keep the pressure on Apple to support Rich Communication Services (RCS) for messaging, and the latest video takes a shot at the company in the least subtle way possible.

The new video released by Google shows a phony advertisement for the ‘iPager’ device, a clear dig at Apple’s practice of continuing to fall back to SMS and MMS messages for messages sent from an iPhone to an Android.

Take a look at the video below:

It’s safe to say Google doesn’t mind being a little petty in its pursuit of RCS communication, which offers read receipts, the ability to share photos and videos seamlessly and end-to-end encryption.

iMessage offers the same benefits, but only in conversations between iPhone users. We all know the feeling of either sending or getting sent a message in a green bubble instead of blue, something Google is looking to prevent.

Both carriers and phone manufacturers, such as Samsung, have already made the jump to RCS, but Apple has remained removed from the changes to the point of stubbornness. So much so, in fact, that Google SVP Hiroshi Lockheimer publicly called Apple out for “holding back the user experience.”

Apple, of course, has not budged.

Samsung U.S. even commented on the YouTube video, saying, “We’d never be the reason someone can’t receive a clear photo from a loved one. 💚 #getthemessage.” That’s some heavy pressure.

It will be interesting to see if Apple will eventually take the leap with Google steadily breathing down its neck again. However, at last year’s Code Conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook said anyone frustrated by their green message bubbles should “just buy an iPhone” instead.

Image credit: Google

Source: @Android Via: The Verge