Fido handing out 5GB, 10GB, and 20GB data bonuses to some customers

Fido is texting bonus data offers to some customers, while others have had success going online

Rogers flanker-brand Fido is dishing out free bonus data.

According to posts on RedFlagDeals (RFD), some Fido customers received 5GB, 10GB or 20GB of bonus data from the provider.

One Fido user posted a screenshot of a text message they received offering 20GB of monthly bonus data. Others shared that they received different data amounts.

Moreover, iPhone in Canada reports customers who don’t receive the data bonus text can check their Fido account online to see if the offer is there (it wasn’t listed for me, but others seem to have had success).

It’s also worth noting that customers who already have bonus data or other discounts applied to their accounts might lose them if they accept this data bonus. One RFD noted the data bonus removed their $5/mo discount, but Fido restored the discount when contacted by the customer. As always, your mileage may vary on this one.

You can check out the RFD thread about the bonus data here.

Source: RFD Via: iPhone in Canada