Freedom’s back-to-school sale did little to attract Ontario customers, Rogers’ CEO says

'One of the things we’ve gotten a lot better at is to let the competition do their thing, we’ll do our thing,' Tony Staffieri said

Freedom Mobile rolled out several limited-time deals ahead of the 2023 school year. Among those was a $34/20GB option on its 4G network, as well as several discounts on its 5G network.

While it’s common for carriers to copy the deals and promotions other providers make, it wasn’t the case with a lot of the plans Freedom Mobile offered. For Rogers, this move was intentional.

“They launched a few, I would say, price points [of] sub-$40 that we were careful in how we responded and [they] didn’t have a material impact on the [Ontario] market, frankly,” Cartt reports Rogers CEO Tony Staffieri saying at the BMO telecom conference on Tuesday.

Rogers has gotten better at not responding to every plan change a competitor makes, Staffieri stated. The company got “little-to-no response” from customers on the deals Freedom was offering and that “really speaks for itself,” Staffieri said.

For Rogers itself, the back-to-school season was positive, Staffieri stated. One of Rogers’ offerings for the season included a $55/20GB 5G plan.

Staffieri’s comments come six months after Rogers received federal approval to takeover Shaw in a $26-billion transaction. Vital to the approval was Vidéotron acquiring Freedom Mobile’s wireless licenses.

Both companies run under Québecor, which reported a revenue increase following the acquisition.

Source: Cartt