James Bond comes to Apple Arcade with Cypher 007

Face off against Blofeld with the help of characters like Q and Moneypenny

Cypher 007

A new James Bond game called Cypher 007 has been revealed for Apple Arcade.

Developed by Tilting Point (SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off), Cypher 007 is a top-down spy adventure that sees Bond attempting to escape a mental prison constructed by Blofeld. Familiar allies like M, Q and Moneypenny will also make appearances.

In terms of gameplay, players will have to use different gadgets, weapons, and gear as they sneak and fight their way through different enemies and obstacles. Online leaderboards will also be supported so you can compete with others around the world.

Cypher 007 will be released exclusively on Apple Arcade on September 29th. An Apple Arcade membership costs $5.99/month and is included in Apple One subscription bundles, which start at $18.95/month.

Image credit: Tilting Point