OnePlus Open can reportedly endure 200K more folds than the Z Fold 5

The foldable is rumoured to debut sometime in October

The Samsung Z Fold 5 and the Z Flip 5 are some of the most durable foldable phones on the market.

According to Samsung, the Z Fold 5 is rated for 200,000 folds at room temperature, while in a recent test, the Z Flip 5 folded over 400,000 times before giving up.

OnePlus’ upcoming foldable device, the OnePlus Open, is closer to the Z Fold 5’s design, and it looks like it will reportedly be twice as durable as Samsung’s offering.

According to reliable leaker @MaxJmb, the OnePlus Open will reportedly be rated for 400,000 folds, “which is equivalent to like 100 folds a day for up to 10 years.”

Considering that users upgrade to a new phone every two and a half years to three years, and in case of a pricey foldable, let’s assume that to be five years, the OnePlus One will likely be usable without any signs of deterioration (of the folding mechanism) for eight to ten years.

The foldable is rumoured to debut sometime in October. From what we know so far, the OnePlus Open will feature a 7.8-inch folding screen with a 6.3-inch outer display and a 120Hz refresh rate. It is rumoured to run on a 4,800mAh battery with 67W wired charging.

The handset will reportedly sport 48-megapixel primary and ultra-wide shooters and a 64-megapixel telephoto camera.

Source: @MaxJmb Via: AndroidPolice