Scanning distant QR codes is about to get easier

A new feature developed by Google will auto-zoom in on far away QR codes

Scanning QR codes with your phone is pretty commonplace now, but every now and then, doing it is a massive pain. Thankfully, Google is working to make the process a little easier when QR codes are too far away.

A new feature Google is working on will automatically zoom in on QR codes if your phone detects they’re far away. Android expert Mishaal Rahman detailed the new feature in a series of tweets.

To start, Rahman says Google updated its machine learning (ML) kit’s Barcode Scanning API as well as the Code Scanner API with the auto-zoom capability. In a video with the tweet (above), you can see the auto-zoom in action — when the phone detects a distant QR code, it zooms in automatically.

Because the feature is built into the two APIs, apps can leverage the capability just by implementing the API. In other words, third-party apps calling on either API should soon offer the auto-zoom feature.

Rahman also retweeted a tweet from user AssembleDebug showing how the feature works on a Pixel phone’s built-in QR scanner, though it’s not clear if it’s widely available yet.

Source: Mishaal Rahman (X) Via: Android Police