Here’s how Canadian retailers are competing with Amazon Prime Day 2023: Walmart, Best Buy, Samsung

So many deals, so little time

As Amazon Prime Day takes the world by storm, other retailers are offering competing deals to woo consumers. They’re a great option if you don’t have an Amazon Prime membership and aren’t getting access to those discounts anyway.

Below, we detail the best places in Canada to shop for tech during Prime Day (other than Amazon).

Best Buy: 48-Hour Sale

Best Buy
Best Buy is hosting a “48 Hour Sale” event on July 11th and 12th (the same as Prime Day). A lot of items are heavily discounted, including laptops, electric appliances, televisions, video games, smart home devices, etc. We’ll highlight a few of the deals for you to decide if you want to investigate further.



Air conditioners

Microsoft: Back-To-School

Microsoft is advertising new deals on Surface computers as back-to-school sales, though school won’t start for Canadians until September.

Lenovo: Black Friday in July

Lenovo is advertising up to 72 percent off of select products today. The company is probably best known for selling computers and laptops, which we’ll highlight below for you to peruse, but you can also pick up phones, gaming accessories, and other things you’d find at a tech store.



Samsung: Deal Days

Also on the same days as Amazon is offering discounts to Prime members, Samsung is advertising its Deal Days, where you can purchase a few smartphones and laptops on the cheap.

The Source: Summer Deals

The Source is simply labelling its sale ‘summer deals.’ You can get all the usual techy gadgets here, but it’s well-known for products like speakers and headphones.

Headphones and Earbuds



Walmart: Walmart+ Week

In the U.S., Walmart’s sales are offered as part of the Walmart+ Week. In Canada, they don’t have the same branding, but we still get a lot of deals. Walmart has lots to offer and broadens beyond what a tech retailer can provide, but not always the same breadth of options for techy products. The company does offer lots of great electric home appliances to consider, though, so we’ve highlighted those below.


Kitchen Appliances