Meta reveals how its AI systems show you posts on Facebook and Instagram

The details are 'part of a wider ethos of openness, transparency and accountability,' Meta says

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In an attempt to be more transparent about its practices, Meta has shared details on how it uses AI to present users with content.

One of its methods includes using several predictions to present appropriate Instagram and Facebook user recommendations.

These predictions include behaviour and user feedback, Nick Clegg, Meta’s president of global affairs, wrote in a blog post.

In a further move for transparency, the company released 22 system cards. The cards detail how AI systems rank content and what controls users can implement for a customizable experience on their feeds, stories, and reels.

Clegg said Meta is sharing this information to address the excitement and concerns that have risen alongside the rapid growth of AI.

“Generally speaking, we believe that as these technologies are developed, companies should be more open about how their systems work and collaborate openly across industry, government and civil society to help ensure they are developed responsibly,” Clegg wrote. “That starts with giving you more insight into, and control over, the content you see.”

To make it easier for people to understand why they’re seeing certain content and to explain its logic, Meta will add more information under its “why am I seeing this?” tab on Facebook Reels and Instagram Reels.

More changes to how this content is determined could also be on the way. Meta says it’s testing a new feature on Instagram to allow users to select posts that they’ve been interested in. Users have been able to label posts as “not interested” since 2021.

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Source: Meta