iOS 17 can help you identify the weird symbols on your clothing tags

Visual Lookup is getting more helpful

Apple’s upcoming iOS 17 update will bring a few handy new features, like Live Voicemail. Apparently, it will also help you decipher the arcane laundry symbols printed on clothing tags so you can finally care for them properly.

The feature was spotted by MacStories’ editor-in-chief Federico Viticci, who shared the details on Mastodon (via MacRumors). The capability will be part of the Photos app’s Viaul Lookup feature. iPhone users will be able to take a photo of the tag on an article of clothing, then swipe up on the image in the Photos app and tap ‘Look Up’ to view a list of the laundry symbols and what they mean.

Visual Lookup laundry tag symbol identification | Image credit: Federico Viticci

Along with the explanation for each symbol, users can tap to head to Apple’s source, which appears to be the Internation Organization for Standardization’s (ISO) Online Browsing Platform.

Beyond just laundry symbols, MacRumors notes that Visual Lookup can detect symbols on vehicle dashboards, so it looks like Apple is turning the tool into a way to help people identify various symbols and icons they’re likely to see during day-to-day activities. To me, this seems like one of the best ways to use these tools — it’s much easier than trying to describe a symbol in a Google search.

Source: Federico Viticci (Mastodon) Via: MacRumors