Google reportedly cans AR glasses hardware project

The company has instead shifted focus to what it does best -- software

Google campus

Google has ended support for an internal hardware project known as “Iris,” according to a new report from Business Insider. Work on the long-rumoured augmented reality (AR) glasses reportedly was mired by staff layoffs, as well as a number of shifts in project strategy.

Previous reports suggested that the company was aiming for a 2024 launch window, and that a ski goggle form factor was being worked on as opposed to Google Glass-inspired spectacles.

While the news might disappoint some, it’s important to note that the search giant is not bowing out of the AR space itself. Its priority has simply shifted to the software side of things.

Whether or not a foray into the AR hardware space would have worked out for Google is anyone’s guess. Infamously, the company’s previous attempt proved unsuccessful. Let’s hope that this renewed focus on wearable software will keep its efforts far away from the Google Graveyard.

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Source: Business Insider Via Engadget