This app and scale combo lets you mix classic cocktails with pin-point precision

From margaritas to mai-tais to martinis, the Perfect Drink has got you covered

If you’ve ever wanted to mix up a cocktail to enjoy after work on a Friday (or a Tuesday, no judgment here) but found your bartending skills to be less-than-average, the Perfect Drink might be for you.

The Perfect Drink is a combination app and smart scale that guides users step-by-step to make all sorts of mixed drinks. This includes prohibition-era cocktails, classic aperitifs and even modern-day shooters and mixed spirits.

This is more than a simple recipe book. The Perfect Drink set includes a wireless smart scale that is paired with the ‘Perfect Drink’ app, which allows for the best-proportioned cocktails.

To get started, connect to the scale through Bluetooth and place your favourite glass on the weighted scale. From there, users can take control and mix drinks like a pro. It’s like having your own personal bartender right in your kitchen.

Here’s a closer look at how it works:

Step 1 — Tell Perfect Drink what you have

Not all of us have the luxury of a fully-stocked bar like the pros do. With Perfect Drink, input what spirits you have on hand, and the app will let you know what cocktails you can make. It will even send you new drink recipes based on your selection.

Step 2 — Choose a recipe

The Perfect Drink has over 400 classic cocktail recipes to choose from. Whether you’re in the mood for bourbon, tequila, rum, vermouth, gin, or some hellish creation that combines them all, Perfect Drink has you covered. The app will even build you a shopping list if you’re out of some items.

Step 3 — Get pouring

The beauty of Perfect Drink is that there is zero measuring on your end. Just pour each ingredient up to the level shown on the app. It fills in real-time on screen and ‘dings’ when you’ve poured enough. If you overpour accidentally (or it’s just been one of those days), the app will automatically recalibrate and adjust the other ingredients, meaning you’ll always get the correct proportions.

Step 4 — Shaken or stirred?

The app also features a built-in timer that shows users how long to shake or stir each drink to ensure perfectly chilled and diluted cocktails.

The Perfect Drink comes in two different variants, the Perfect Drink Pro and the Perfect Drink 2.o. Both use Bluetooth connection to pair with the app, but as the name suggests, the Pro variant comes with a bigger cocktail shaker, an LCD display, and stainless steel scale.

The Perfect Drink app is available on both iOS and the Google Play Store. The scale is currently out of stock but can be purchased normally through links found here.

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Source: Perfect Company

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