This official Fanta Orange mobile game lets you ride a roller coaster for drink coupons

A top-tier beverage gets a low-tier mobile game


Fanta is going through a rebrand, and as part of the changes, the Coca-Cola-owned beverage has launched a mobile game.

Dubbed “Fanta Ride n Sip,” the game is only playable from mobile browsers and has you controlling trying to prevent a cup of Fanta Orange from spilling on a rollercoaster.

Fanta mobile game

Yes, you read that right. In practice, this means you’ll have to tilt your phone left and right to keep a pointer within a constantly moving green metre.

All in all, it’s a pretty basic game, but it does net you a coupon at the end depending on your score. In my case, I got a voucher for $0.75 off a 500mL bottle through the Checkout 51 app. If you, too, want to ride the Fanta Coaster, visit fantaridensip.ca.

Image credit: Coca-Cola