Pixel 7 available for $9/mo at several Canadian carriers

'Tis the season to buy a Pixel

Google’s Pixel 7 might be one of the big winners of Black Friday 2022. The phone is on sale at Google but is also deeply discounted at several carriers, making it a steal.

Koodo, Virgin Plus, and Fido all have the Pixel 7 on sale for $9/mo (well, Fido is $9.50/mo) on a two-year term. That works out to $216 total for the phone (or $228 with Fido) over 24 months. Moreover, the phone costs $0 upfront, which means, in total, you’re paying just $216 for a phone that retails for $799. Even Google’s sale isn’t this good, with the phone currently available for $649.

Koodo previously charged a $33/mo Tab fee for the Pixel 7, while Virgin and Fido charged $39/mo device financing for the phone.

The Big Three carriers also have discounts on the Pixel 7, but arguably the flanker brands are better offers since they have cheaper plans to boot. The exception is if you want to borrow a Pixel 7 for two years at virtually no cost, which the Big Three all currently let you do:

  • Telus Pixel 7 – $0 down, $9.50/mo financing (or $0/mo with Bring-It-Back)
  • Bell Pixel 7 – $0 down, $9.50/mo financing (or $1/mo with Device Return Option)
  • Rogers Pixel 7 – $0 down, $9.50/mo financing (or $0/mo with Upfront Edge)

Overall, these are some pretty solid deals on Pixel 7 pricing. Coupled with the decent plans (like $55/20GB) available from Koodo, Fido, and Virgin Plus, it seems like now is a great time to get a Pixel 7.

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