Tesla museum exhibit showcases Apple Music app

The company is showing off prototype cars at the Petersen Car Museum in Los Angeles

A museum exhibit in Los Angeles is currently showcasing several prototype Tesla vehicles like the Roadster and Cybertruck. However, one small feature that originally went noticed is that these cars are running pre-production software that has an Apple Music app.

Tesla has been insistent on integrating apps into its system instead of relying on Android Auto or CarPlay like most other major brands. This is both good and bad, but for music fans, it results in a rather limited selection of high-quality streaming apps.

However, in 2019 Spotify was finally added, and Tidal hit the platform in 2021. Now, it appears that Apple Music might be the next music streaming service to land on Tesla.

There’s no concrete release date for this feature, but the company generally releases a larger holiday feature update, and it may be part of that, according to a tweet from Teslascope.

This update has been a long time coming since Apple Music is already available to users with certain models of Mercedes and Porsche cars. One notable exception is that Apple has split podcasts out of the Apple Music app, so it’s unlikely that this app will play podcasts.

You can read more about the Tesla exhibit on the Peterson Museum’s website.

Source: Electrek, Reddit (TeslaModel11)