Uber testing Audio Recording safety feature in Calgary

Audio Recording allows drivers and riders to record their trip for safety purposes

Uber is bringing a new safety feature to Calgary.

Audio Recording allows riders and drivers to record audio during their trip. Uber will only be able to access the recording if the driver or rider reports an issue and shares the audio with the company.

Uber says privacy will be protected, and audio recordings are encrypted and stored on the device of the person making the recording.

Riders and drivers can start taping after the trip has begun. To access the feature, select the blue shield on the map to pull up the safety toolkit. Click ‘audio recording’ and give permission to the microphone. Select ‘start.’

While Calgary is the only Canadian city where the feature is currently available, Uber says it will roll out Audio Recording to the rest of the country in the new year.

Image credit: Uber

Source: Uber