Modders make foldable iPhone with parts from iPhone X and Razr

The phone even runs on a jailbroken version of iOS

This isn’t an official device, so don’t get your hopes up, but the Aesthetics of Science and Technology (AST) has created a Frankenstein-like foldable iPhone.

The device is designed after the Motorola Razr and uses some of its parts alongside 3D printed pieces and an iPhone X’s display that’s been kitted out by replacing the glass and touch layers. Further, an iOS jailbreak lets it work like an iPhone, but since this obviously isn’t an official device, the software doesn’t work perfectly with the hardware. So, while it folds, the user interface isn’t optimized for the form factor.

There are also a few hardware issues, including a huge gap when folded, a small battery, one external speaker and no wireless charging, but it’s sort of a foldable iPhone, so that counts for something, right?

Several rumours have pointed to Apple possibly launching an actual foldable handset in 2023.

Image credit: Aesthetics of Science and Technology

Source: Aesthetics of Science and Technology Via: Engadget