Burger King sent blank email receipts to a bunch of people

The blank emails are either a whopper of a mix up, or a brilliant marketing strategy

Overnight, fast food chain Burger King sent blank email receipts to thousands of customers, including MobileSyrup staff reporter Brad Shankar, likely other Canadians and several U.S. residents.

The Verge’s Tom Warren tweeted about the blank receipt and wrote about the emails, noting there’s no clear indication that the emails were a result of some kind of breach or hack. Burger King also hasn’t yet responded to questions about the incident.

The emails started arriving around 12:15am ET, and several recipients said they don’t remember ever creating a Burger King account. Some even received multiple emails. Considering the emails came from Burger King’s main promotional email address, it’s entirely possible a small system change or error caused blank receipt emails to go out to the company’s marketing email list.

Regardless, those who received the Burger King email likely don’t have to worry about anything nefarious going on. Presumably, if someone hacked into Burger King and placed thousands of orders, the receipts would show what was purchased.

Still, it’s always a possibility that there could be a fast food-related scam going on here. It wouldn’t be the first time a MobileSyrup writer lost money over fast food company negligence.

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Header image: Shutterstock

Via: The Verge