E-Ink’s new Gallery 3 supports stylus input and features a colour display

The new Gallery 3 and the Kaleido 3 will be on display at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center at Touch Taiwan from April 27th to 29th

Following the Kaleido 3, E-Ink has announced its latest colour ePaper for readers.

According to the company, its new ePaper called the Gallery 3 will feature a higher colour resolution of 300 pixels per inch (ppi), in contrast to 150ppi on the Kaleido 3. Most importantly, the new display offers a faster update time.

The black-and-white update time has been reduced to 350 milliseconds (ms), which means, pages with only black and white colours would update in .35 seconds, while the fast colour mode now takes 500 ms to refresh. The normal colour mode takes 750-1000 ms, and the best colour takes 1500 ms (1.5 seconds) to update.

Gallery 3 also supports pen input at 30 ms for black and white, along with support for “other colours,” though E-Ink didn’t mention which colours.

Additionally, just like the company’s recently released Kaleido 3, Gallery 3  also incorporates ComfortGaze technology. ComfortGaze reduces the blue light reflected off the display by lowering the blue light ratio by 60 percent and the blue light toxicity factor by 24 percent, allowing users to view content on the screen for longer durations without eye discomfort.

“E Ink is very excited to announce this significant breakthrough with E Ink Gallery 3,” said Johnson Lee, CEO of E-Ink.

“For the first time, our Gallery full color ink platform series can be offered for an enhanced reading and shopping experience for eBooks, and for colorful document viewing and editing in eNotes. We have invested over $100 million dollars in R&D resources and budget to improve every aspect of this technology. Our team across the world has worked tirelessly over the past several years, and has made a product we can all be proud of.”

The new Gallery 3 will be on display, along with the Kaleido 3 at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, at Touch Taiwan from April 27th to 29th. E-Ink didn’t talk about any future products that might incorporate Gallery 3, though we might learn about them at Touch Taiwan.

Image credit: E-Ink

Source: E-Ink