5G access improves the NHL experience, analysis finds

The experience also depended on the carrier Canadians used

For the first time, 5G is widely available during an NHL season, and research shows the network improves the mobile experience of those attending a game.

A recent study by Opensignal examined the 5G mobile experience of Canadians and Americans attending NHL games at arenas hosting 32 teams.

“Unlike the previous seasons, 5G is now becoming commonplace across both Canada and the U.S. and plays a key role in supporting the growing demand for data at sporting venues,” the analysis states.

The results show users at U.S. arenas saw faster 5G download speeds of 159.7Mbps, compared to the 132.1Mbps reported by Canadian users.

However, the study shows Canadian users experienced a better overall experience with video streaming experience, multiplayer mobile gaming and over-the-top voice services.

Either way, users with access to 5G had a “significantly better” experience than those who didn’t.

The study further found that download speeds differed depending on the carrier. Rogers scored the lowest at 94.3Mbps, and Bell and Telus had higher scores of 168.8Mbps and 184.7Mbps.

Image credit: Shutterstock

Source: Opensignal