Epic Games’ new ‘RealityScan’ app uses the iPhone’s camera to build 3D models

The app aims to make creating 3D objects easier


Epic Games, the developer and publisher behind Fortnite, has revealed a new app called ‘RealityScan’ that utilizes the iPhone’s camera to scan and create 3D models.

Epic says that the app was created using technology from Capturing Reality, a company it acquired in 2021.

“As more creators and hobbyists embrace 3D photogrammetry, we want to make our technology even more accessible, so anyone can bring ultra-detailed, digital models of real-world objects into their virtual projects,” reads a press release from Epic.

The app needs at least 20 different shots of the item you’re scanning from various angles to create the 3D object. Other requirements that improve results include good lighting and a clean background. Completed 3D objects can be exported to Sketchfab, a popular app Epic says is often used for 3D, AR and VR content.

RealityScan is currently only available to 10,000 users in a limited Testflight beta on iOS. Epic says the app is launching first on iOS and then Android later.

Image credit: Epic Games