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What do you want to see change in the Canadian wireless space?

The Rogers/Shaw merger continues to loom

When it comes to wireless in Canada, it’s clear that Canadians want more choice, value and lower prices, and how that shift is delivered is more important now than ever.

With the Rogers/Shaw merger currently on the table and in the hands of government officials, now is the time for Canadians to speak up and have a voice.

A shift like this has not occurred since the 2008 AWS spectrum auction that saw the creation of Wind Mobile, Public Mobile and Mobilicity, bringing fresh choice and lower prices across the board.

Our question to you is: What do you want to see change with the Canadian wireless industry moving forward?

Would you rather keep the Canadian wireless landscape in its current state, with Rogers/Bell/Telus owning the majority? Would you rather wireless competition be opened to U.S. private equity players? Or, would you prefer an independent choice such as Globalive or Xplornet to acquire Shaw’s and in turn, Freedom Mobile’s wireless spectrum?

Let us know in the comments and poll below.