Canada is the 17th best Wordle nation in the world: study

Canadians take about 3.90 guesses on average per Wordle


According to a new study by Wordtips, Canada is the 17th best nation in the world when it comes to solving Wordles, one spot ahead of the United States. And if that wasn’t enough, the data also reveals which Canadian cities are better at Wordle than the others.

Wordtips analyzed Twitter data from all over the world to deduce which countries and cities host the most proficient Wordle-rs, and it turns out that Swedish people are great at guessing words. On average, it took only 3.81 guesses from Swedish Wordle-rs to solve the puzzle. Canadians, who come in at the number 17 spot globally took about 3.90 guesses on average per Wordle.

Within the nation, Toronto Wordle-rs should be considered wordsmiths as it only took them 3.81 guesses on average per wordle, with Vancouver coming in a close second at 3.84. Ottawa, Montreal and Edmonton follow to close out the top five spot at 3.87, 3.91 and 3.92 guesses on average, respectively.

Don’t get too ahead of yourself though. On a larger scale, Toronto comes in at spot 25 when compared to cities around the world, with Canberra, Australia coming in at first with 3.58 guesses per puzzle on average.

Cities that follow closely are Jerusalem, Malmö, Durban and Paris at 3.63, 3.66, 3.66 and 3.69, respectively.

Wordtips gathered this data by analyzing 195,248 Tweets with “#Wordle” in them using the Twitter API in January 2022. As a collective, the worldwide score comes in at 3.919 guesses per wordle.

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Image credit: Wordtips

Source: Wordtips