Northwestel says removing floor tests on internet services a must to fight Starlink

The request is filed with the CRTC

Northwestel has taken part in several interventions to fight off the imminent competition of Starlink.

The telecom company serving Canada’s North first filed a request with the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to remove floor tests on its high-speed internet service months ago.

If Northwestel wants to lower its internet rates, it must get prior approval from governing bodies like the CRTC.

Starlink is to launch its services later this year. According to Cartt, the company is currently selling internet access subscriptions in the same markets as Northwestel.

In its latest response on the matter, Northwestel answered concerns from interveners who said the proposal could harm competition that would increase internet presence in the North. It could also impact competitors using Northwestel to provide their services.

Northwestel said that’s not the case, as competitors won’t be restricted when purchasing wholesale services.

“Competitors can also purchase, and resell, our tariffed retail internet services, and that at the same reduced rates we aim to implement to our residential customers under our proposal.”

Cartt notes a decision from the CRTC could be the next step in the process unless additional information is requested.

Image credit: Northwestel/Facebook 

Source: Cartt.ca