Musk says Canadians can expect Tesla Full-Self Driving Beta to drop in February

Tesla employees have been testing FSD across Canada since February 2021

Back in January, Elon Musk announced that Full-Self Driving Beta (FSD) for Tesla vehicles in Canada should release in roughly two to four weeks. We’ve now entered February, which is near Musk’s shared timeframe, and yet, FSD still isn’t available for Canadians.

However, in a Twitter reply to @NoahWebb_, Musk has raised hopes once again, stating that Canadians can expect FSD Beta to release later this month.

According to Musk, the delay in release is due to safety concerns, and because the team needs to “confirm [there are] no significant issues, given slightly different road rules,” before proceeding with the rollout.

Though as we’ve seen in the past, Musk’s promises on Twitter should be looked at with an air of skepticism. Further, while delays are annoying, I wouldn’t consider Musk’s statements over the past few months to be empty promises, as Tesla employees have been testing FSD across Canada since February 2021.

This comes soon after Musk said that self-driving Tesla vehicles will be on road in 2022 and that the technology is safer than human drivers.

In other Tesla-related news, a Full-Self Driving feature that allowed some Teslas to roll through stop signs is now being disabled through an over-the-air update.

Source: @elonmusk