Here’s a map of the government’s Universal Broadband Fund projects

The Universal Broadband Fund will support a ton of internet expansion projects across Canada

Canada Universal Broadband Fund website on a smartphone

The federal government’s Universal Broadband Fund (UBF) has seen some $2.75 billion put towards high-speed internet projects across the country.

Intended to bring internet with 50Mbps download and 10Mbps upload speeds to rural and remote communities, the government has steadily announced projects over the last several months. You’ve likely seen coverage of some of the projects appear on MobileSyrup. But, when I wrote about them, I often noticed I had no idea where some of the places were. So, I’ve put together a custom map highlighting all the locations receiving funding for internet projects through the UBF.

The locations shown in the map above are based on the details from this government website that lists all the UBF projects. It’s worth noting the map is intended as a visual tool and some markers are placed at rough approximations of where projects will be based on details provided by the government. Projects are sorted by province and territory — you can click the side-bar button in the top-left corner to view a menu and toggle what the map displays if you want to focus on specific regions.

You can also view a bigger version of the map by clicking the ‘square’ icon in the top-right corner.

Additionally, projects are colour-coded based on the telecom company working on the project. Colours generally match to respective telecom companies (i.e. dark blue for Bell, red for Rogers, purple for Telus), although there may be some overlapping colours among smaller companies. Finally, you can click each icon to view which telecom company received the funding, how many households the project will serve, the amount of funding received for the project and any connected locations (some funding covers projects in multiple communities).

Source: Government of Canada