Twitter is working on ‘Flock,’ its version of Instagram’s ‘Close Friends’

Twitter hasn't revealed any information about when we can expect to use the feature

Twitter is taking a page from Instagram’s book and introducing a feature similar to ‘Close Friends,’ as first reported by InputMag.

The social media platform’s new close friends feature, currently called ‘Flock,’ will allow you to publish a Tweet that is only visible to a specific number of pre-selected people to a maximum of 150.

The feature, which was first teased in July 2021, saw Twitter call the feature “Trusted Friends,” though Flock surely has a better ring to it, and forms a clear distinction between Twitter and Instagram’s similar feature.

According to Input, since last July, mobile developer Alessandro Paluzz has been keeping a keen eye on the development of Flock and has found code alluding to the feature still being in development.

He also adds that the maximum number of people you can add to your Flock list is 150, and if you remove someone from the list, they won’t be notified about it. If you’re in a Flock, the notification you’ll receive will read, “You can see this Tweet because the author has added you to their Twitter Flock.”

While Twitter hasn’t revealed any other information about the in-development feature, it will likely be exclusive to Twitter Blue users, similar to how the San Francisco, California-based platform rolled out NFT authentication and NFT profile picture support for paid users.

Source: InputMag