Microsoft tests an integrated YouTube follow button on Edge

The feature is currently available to only a few testers

Microsoft is testing a new way for viewers to subscribe to their favourite content creators on YouTube via its Microsoft Edge browser.

Available only to some testers in Edge’s Canary Developer Build, the new ‘follow’ button appears in the top address bar, as first noticed by Reddit user ‘Leopeva64-2.’

The ‘follow’ button is a part of the browser’s deeper integration with YouTube that adds the followed channels to a new ‘Collections’ tab in Edge’s top right toolbar, where you can view an RSS-like feed of content from all creators you follow.

According to Leopeva64-2, the feature is still in its early development phase, as is evident with the white background over dark theme panel as seen below:

The feature is part of Microsoft’s Controlled R0llout and is currently available to a few testers only. The tech giant hasn’t shared any official information about the new feature, though if the testing goes well, we should hear more about it soon.

Image credit: u/Leopeva64-2

Source: Reddit (Leopeva64-2)