Nissan investing $17.6 billion in EV development

The legacy car maker is also working on advanced battery tech and new driver assistance technology

Nissan is moving forward with its plan to shift to manufacturing electric vehicles (EVs) with a new five-year strategy and a $17.6 billion USD (roughly $22 billion  CAD) investment in the space.

The legacy car marker says it aims to release 15 new EVs by 2030, resulting in half of the automaker’s lineup being electric. On top of that, Nissan has a plan to develop another eight EVs to continue to electrify its fleet into the future. TechCrunch reports that Nissan previously claimed it wanted every new vehicle it manufacturers by 2030 to be electric.

Nissan also outlined plans to build a solid-state battery pilot plant in Yokohama, Japan as early as 2024. Further, the company hopes to release a new generation of batteries that can charge EVs much faster by 2028.

Of course, Nissan is also looking to push its pro-pilot assist tech to more vehicles by 2026, and it also mentions that it’s working on the next-generation of its driver assistance tech that uses LIDAR for a 2030 release.

Image credit: Nissan 

Source: TechCrunch