GameStop is offering up to $300 trade-in value on last-gen consoles

This deal ends on November 28th

EB Games’ GameStop’s latest promotion offers up to $300 in trade-in value on select PlayStation 4 consoles and up to $200 on select Xbox One consoles.

Below are all of the trade-in values:

  • PS4 Pro Console 1TB: $300
  • PS4 Slim 1TB: $250
  • PS4 Slim Console 500GB: $250
  • Xbox One X Console 1TB: $250
  • PS4 Original Console 500GB: $200
  • Xbox One S Console 2TB: $200
  • Xbox One S Console 1TB: $200
  • Xbox One S 500GB: $200

Unfortunately, this excludes the Xbox One S Digital Console. The deal is in-store only and can’t be combined with other trade offers. Hardware must have all the necessary components for the trade, and can’t be tampered with, says GameStop.

You’ll also get a gift card from your trade-in, so don’t expect any cash. This deal ends on November 28th.

Source: GameStop, (2)