Big Three offer less for more with new $80/20GB base plans

Although the $80/20GB option is worse than the previous $80/30GB, the new 40GB and 60GB plans are better value

Rogers, Bell and Telus have once again switched up their plan prices, offering slightly better and slightly worse deals across the board.

The last time we wrote about plans from those three carriers was June, when they were still offering $80/mo plans with 30GB of data. Now, that base $80 plan comes with just 20GB, but for those willing to pay more, the carriers are offering more data for less.

We’ve listed out the new prices below and noted where things have changed. The focus here will be on the monthly cost and data (monthly cost/GB) since all these plans include things like calling, messaging, voicemail and other features. Additionally, all of the below plans are “unlimited,” which means that the data amount (i.e., 20GB) is how much you can use at typical network speed. Any data beyond the listed amount will be throttled to a speed of up to 512Kbps.


  • $80/20GB (Rogers notes that this is a “limited time offer” and is normally a 15GB plan) — previously $80/30GB
  • $90/40GB (Rogers notes that this is a “limited time offer” and is normally a 25GB plan) — previously $90/35GB
  • $110/50GB – previously $125/50GB
  • $175/100GB – unchanged

Plans available here.


  • $80/20GB — previously $80/30GB
  • $85/40GB — previously $85/35GB
  • $95/60GB — did not previously exist, closest option was $125/50GB
  • $175/100GB — unchanged, but now marked ‘Promo’

Plans available here.


  • $80/20GB — previously $80/30GB
  • $85/40GB (Listed as a “limited time offer”) — previously $85/35GB
  • $95/60GB (Listed as a “limited time offer”) — did not previously exist, closest was $125/50GB

Plans available here.

It’s also worth noting that Telus appears to have scrapped its ‘Peace of Mind’ and ‘Peace of Mind Connect’ plan buckets. The ‘Connect’ plans included data access for additional devices, such as smartwatches, but beyond that the two plan tiers were identical. The old $80/30GB plan was the only Peace of Mind option.

Now, all three Telus plans include “Shareable data for connected devices,” although a bit of fine print on the website notes that “each SIM-enabled smartwatch or tablet requires a $10/month charge per device to access the shareable high-speed data bucket on your unlimited data plan.”