Tesla finally starts shipping new Model X vehicles with yoke steering wheel

It's still going to take a whole for Canadians to get their orders

Tesla has started shipping its slightly redesigned Model X crossover with a new interior and Yoke steering device.

Beyond the minimalist steering apparatus, the new Model X also features a display in landscape orientation on the dash, a smaller screen in the back and pockets in the doors to hold items.

This new Model X also has a ‘Premium Upgrades Package,’ including multi-device Bluetooth connections, a 22-speaker audio system and a gaming computer with over 10 teraflops of power. The computer is presumably also the brains of the car itself.

We know that the car is finally being delivered since a YouTuber named Pierce Chuang posted a video about a small Tesla event where some of the first cars were being sent to their drivers.

The vehicles at the event appear to be the six-seat options, according to Electrek. This means that anyone who ordered a five- or seven-seat model might need to wait a little longer for their car.

Also, since this event took place in California, Canadians will likely need to wait a bit longer still for their vehicles.

Tesla refreshed the Model S and Model X at the start of 2021 with new interiors and the famous ‘Plaid’ trim that’s been breaking records with the Model S version. Neither car has been significantly changed, but each features several modern refinements. The new Model S version has already started shipping.

Source: Tesla, Electrek