Apple’s macOS Monterey update will be available on October 25

Four months after being announced, there's finally an official release date for the new OS

Apple finally announced the release of macOS Monterey following its ‘Unleashed’ hardware event on October 18th.

The latest version of the company’s desktop operating system will be available starting October 25th, according to the macOS preview page.

The iPhone-maker first shared details about Monterey back at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June. Now, four months later, we finally have an official release date for the next version of macOS.

Monterey will ship with a ton of new features and chances for Macs, including unifying features across Apple products, such as notification profiles and SharePlay. Monterey will also add ‘Universal Control,’ a feature that lets people control their iPad with a Mac keyboard and mouse.

Apple’s Shortcuts app will also come with macOS Monterey, offering users access to a whole bunch of automations and other capabilities.

Perhaps the most significant upgrade, however, will come to Safari. With the new OS, Apple’s web browser will sport a whole new design with refreshed tabs, tab groups, and other features.

Unfortunately, several of the new Monterey features will not be coming to Intel-powered Mac devices. While not a surprise, it’s disappointing that Intel Macs will be excluded from some of the upgrades — especially ones that don’t actually rely on any specific hardware benefit of the M1 chip.

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Image credit: Apple