Toronto-based Ecobee’s Smart Thermostat finally gets Siri access

You'll need a HomePod mini to make this work though

After being shown off at Apple’s WWDC this past summer, Toronto-based Ecobee has finally launched its long-awaited Siri update for its Smart Thermostat’s with voice control.

While Ecobee is the first company to take advantage of this new feature, it ideally means that more devices will start releasing that take advantage of Siri. The only catch is that you need a HomePod mini on the same network to process the requests.

This means that adding Siri to random smart home objects is possible, but it’s a lot more expensive and convoluted than when a device features Alexa or Google Assistant integration. Still, if you already have this particular smart thermostat and a HomePod mini, this is a welcome update.

The Verge says that the SmartThermostat’s Siri integration works great and is the same as having a Siri-capable device like a HomePod. The publication also notes that it’s hilarious to be able to AirPlay music through the tinny thermostat speaker.

The update is rolling out over the next two weeks, according to Ecobee. The company’s Smart Thermostat with voice control costs $299 right now, while the HomePod mini costs $129.

Source: EcoBee Via: The Verge