Android 12 rolling out first to Android Open Source Project and not Pixel phones

Google says the update will make its way to Pixel devices in the coming weeks

Google has started rolling out Android 12, but not in the way we’d expect.

The tech giant has officially released the stable version of Android 12 for its AOSP (Android Open Source Project), but Pixel devices are still waiting for the update.

In Google’s blog post regarding the AOSP launch, Dave Burke, the company’s vice-president of engineering, says that the update will arrive on Pixel device in the coming weeks and smartphones from OnePlus, Samsung, Oppo, Vivo and others later this year.

In the same blog post, Burke says that 225,000 people participated in the Android 12 beta and reported 50,000 bug. He also outlines some of the more anticipated changes coming in Android 12.

This, of course, means Burke outlines Google’s new ‘Material You’ theme, additional widgets, an app splash screen and more.

Google also discusses how Android 12 helps make Android faster, so ideally, the update should result in Android phones feeling smoother and more responsive.

Since this is more of a developer-focused release, Burke also delves into detailed surrounding privacy and behind-the-scenes updates that come along with Android 12. You can find the full blog post here.

Source: Android Developers Blog