Google developing two foldables, one expected to launch in 2021: rumour

'Passport' and 'Jumbojack' are the codenames for the two devices

Pixel 6 phones

After old leaks about an upcoming foldable Pixel device, codenamed ‘Passport,’ we now have another leak indicating that a second Pixel foldable, dubbed ‘Jumbojack,’ might be on its way.

Uncovered in the upcoming Android 12.1 code by 9to5Google, the foldable is reported to have a dual-display setup, similar to the Samsung Z Fold 3, with main and cover displays that shut off depending on how you’re using the device. However, the publication states that the ‘Jumbojack’ codename might reference Jack in the Box’s Jumbo Jack cheeseburger, indicating that the upcoming device will fold in ‘burger style,’ similar to the Galaxy Z Flip 3.

While no information about the device’s screen or internal specs were unearthed, 9to5Google did note that the device will likely run on a foldable-specific Android 12.1 version with split-screen features to take advantage of the presumable large display.

Whether this second foldable will ever see the light of day is still a mystery, although credible leaker Evan Blass stated that the ‘Passport’ foldable is on track to launch by the end of 2021.

With the release of Google’s Tensor-powered Pixel 6 lineup around the corner, we can expect Google to start marketing its first foldable soon.

Source: 9to5Google