Apple delays upgraded ‘Find My’ integrations for high-end AirPods Pro and Max

The full update should roll out later this fall instead of with iOS 15

Apple has delayed the full Find My integrations for AirPods Pro and AirPods Max until later this fall.

Users can still use ‘Find My’ to locate their lost AirPods that are within the Bluetooth range of their devices, but the high-end AirPods will also tap into the full power of the ‘Find My’ network later this autumn.

This means that if you lose your AirPods Pro at a restaurant and then you go home, you’ll be able to see where they are if other people with iPhones, Macs or iPad are near them. This is how the iPhone and AirTags work as well. 

Several other iOS/iPadOS 15 features, such as SharePlay, Universal Control, the App Privacy Dashboard, will be delayed until after the OS’ official September 20th release.

Via: MacRumors