iOS 15 will bring Find My support to AirPods by linking Apple ID

The feature will be exclusive to AirPods Pro and AirPods Max

With iOS 15, Apple has revealed a slew of new capabilities for AirPods users, including Find My support for the easily losable wireless earbuds for the first time.

According to the team over at 9to5macwho found the Find My support coding in the iOS 15 Beta, AirPods will be linked to your Apple ID in iOS 15 so you can locate them conveniently.

Similar to how AirTags operate, iOS 15 will utilize Bluetooth to locate AirPods when you’ve misplaced them. The feature will be available for the AirPods Pro and Max, and will display your AirPods’ location on the Find My map, even if they are not connected to your iPhone.

It’s worth noting that similar to how AirTags work, AirPods will also not have an activation lock like iOS devices do, even after being linked to an Apple ID. This means that if you lose your AirPods and someone with malintent finds them, they can easily remove the AirPods from the FindMy network.

Additionally, first and second-gen AirPods will not feature the new Apple ID linking and Find My compatibility.

Source: 9to5mac