Apple’s iPhone 13 financing provider experiencing issues amid influx of buyers [Update]

There are several reports of eager iPhone 13 buyers not able to move through Paybright's system

iPhone 13

Changing iPhone financing options from just six months to 24 months with 0 percent APR was a great surprise move on Apple’s part.

However, it seems the financing provider, Paybright by Affirm, has experienced difficulties this morning amid an influx of iPhone 13 series pre-orders.

Would-be buyers are experiencing bad gateway errors, stalled pages and the message, “There is a bit of a traffic jam. Please go back and try again,” resulting in orders not going through.

It’s unclear when Apple and Paybright will fix this issue. This story will be updated with more information as it becomes available.

Update 09/17/2021 5:40pm ET: It appears Paybright is sending out emails that state, “due to an issue this morning, you may have been unable to complete your application and may have multiple orders with Apple.” Users are given a link to complete their application.

Update 09/17/2021 11:21pm ET
: Reports indicate that Apple is extending the timeout window to nine hours to mitigate the issues.