The Mobile Shop reportedly adds $50 service fee for Koodo customers that activate online

Koodo customers who activate their phones with The Mobile Shop won't be charged

The Mobile Shop website on a phone

The Mobile Shop has reportedly added a new $50 service charge for Koodo customers.

According to information obtained by MobileSyrup, The Mobile Shop will charge the new fee to Koodo customers who activate their plans via Koodo online. However, Koodo customers who activate their phones with The Mobile Shop will not be charged.

Moreover, the information we obtained indicates that The Mobile Shop must tell customers about the fee.

“Unlike many wireless retailers, The Mobile Shop does not charge activation or setup fees for our customers. While our Mobilists are happy to assist anyone, in some cases, patrons seeking activation or data transfer services for devices and plans purchased elsewhere may be subject to setup fees,” The Mobile Shop confirmed to MobileSyrup in a statement.

Unfortunately, $50 service fees are a norm in Canadian telecom. Several carriers and flanker brands, including Koodo, recently added $50 connection fees. However, Koodo only charges that fee for in-store activations, not for online activations. Given The Mobile Shop’s fee is related to doing online Koodo activations, it has nothing to do with the brand’s connection fee.

Regardless, it’s something to be aware of if you head to The Mobile Shop for a Koodo activation any time soon. Nobody likes getting pinged with extra fees — if you can avoid this one, that’s $50 still in your pocket.

Update 09/16/2021 at 9:17am: Added comment from The Mobile Shop regarding the service charge.