Voice of Halo’s Master Chief can now give you directions in Waze

The Spartan's iconic voice is only available for a limited time

Waze Halo

Dreams do come true.

If you’re a Waze user, you might be pleased to learn that you can now set Halo’s Master Chief as the navigation app’s voice depending on how big a fan of the video game series you are.

Through a partnership with 343 Industries and Microsoft, both the voice of the Master Chief and Escharum, the main enemy from Halo Infinite’s campaign, are available through the navigation app for a limited time.

Halo Waze

Along with the voices, you can also set your vehicle’s icon to be either a Warthog or a Ghost and change your profile’s ‘mood’ to feature the Master Chief or the Escharum.

It’s unclear how long the feature will be available, but you can enable it by navigating to the ‘My Waze’ section of Waze’s settings. As far as custom Waze voices go, this one is pretty cool, especially if you’re a fan of Halo.