DoorDash partners with Hub Cycling on safer bike deliveries in Vancouver

The initiative is focused on three key educational elements to promote rider safety

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DoorDash has teamed up with non-profit cycling organization Hub Cycling on a series of initiatives that aim to make bike deliveries safer in Metro Vancouver.

The partnership will focus on three educational elements that look to benefit both Dashers — DoorDash’s delivery people — and other cyclists in the city.

To start, Dashers will be given access to Hub Cycling’s StreetWise Cycling Online program, which teaches ways to be safe and respectful cyclists. Additionally, there will be two webinars focused on delivering in Vancouver so that Dashers get a better understanding of the city’s ins and outs. And finally, a digital safety campaign will be launched to raise awareness of bike safety and Vancouver’s rules of the road.

Outside of the three educational bits, DoorDash says it will support Hub Cycling’s ‘#UnGapTheMap’ effort to work with ten local ‘Hub’ communities across Metro Vancouver to identify priority gaps related to “ridership impact, utility, safety and feasibility.”

Source: DoorDash