Google Meet gets new video filters, AR masks and effects

The new options are now live

Google has rolled out a new update for Meet that brings new video filters, augmented reality (AR) masks and more effects.

“Add cats, astronauts, jellyfish and more to your Meet calls. New filters, masks and effects are now available for Meet on Android and iOS,” Google stated in a tweet.

The new options can be found in the menu at the button right of the video feed. From there, you can see all of the options and make video calls a little more fun.

It’s worth noting that most of the new options are limited to personal Gmail accounts, as the tech giant probably thought that Workspace and business users likely wouldn’t have use for the new effects and filters in a professional setting.

With this latest launch, Google is likely hoping to win over more personal users who may use the service for calls with friends and family.

Source: Google