Freedom Mobile doubles referral credits until July 19th

You and a friend can both get $50 off your bill

If you’re a freedom Mobile subscriber, you can now get a $50 bill credit for every person you refer to the carrier.

Previously the referral bonus was only $25, so this new bonus could net users quite a bit of credit. You can max out at five referrals, netting you $250.

Referral codes at Freedom work much like they do with some other carriers. If you bring a friend into the fold, both you and them will get a one-time discount. In this case, it’s $50.

The fine print does clarify that you and the person you refer both need to be on a plan that costs at least $25 per month.

For comparison, Koodo offers $25 worth of credits for referrals, but it’s split into five payments of $5 each time.

Source: Freedom Mobile