New Lenovo Smart Clock 2 has a MagSafe dock attachment

Hopefully, this version retains the older model's low price

Lenovo has updated its beside table smart display, the Lenovo Smart Clock, with a new charging dock attachment and a few other tweaks.

The new clock features a slightly different design but it’s still small and wrapped in fabric so it blends in with a lot of other Nest Home products. On the back, there’s a mute switch, a power plug and on the top, there are volume controls.

Overall, the Smart Clock 2 looks great, but it’s using a MediaTek MT8167S processor and 1GB of RAM, so it’s likely not going to be any faster than most of the other laggy smart displays on the market.

The real cool add-on is that you can get it with an optional wireless charging dock that attaches to the bottom of the smart clock to turn it into a wireless charger. Lenovo’s website says that this wireless charger is even MagSafe compatible. There’s also a small glowing light attached to the dock that makes it work as a bit of a nightlight too.

This new dock will likely raise the price a little higher than it was before, but hopefully, when Lenovo reveals the new device’s price it’s close to the $119 CAD the previous iteration cost. 

So far, the new Smart Clock is just listed as ‘Coming Soon.’ We’ll have more information about the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 as it becomes available.

Source: Lenovo